Meet Us

At The First Tee Lexington, we have one goal to give our readers as much information as possible on all things golf. As one of the most popular club and ball games, the sport is ever changing. New player enter while old ones fade away. New techniques of playing are reviewed while old ones remain the favorite. When you want to know about the history of golf, or about the sport or even which equipment is the best, come to us.

As the aim of the game is simple, to hit the ball into a series of holes in as fewer strokes as capable, ours is too. We want golf players to remain updated at all times and enjoy the game. From which type of club you should use to hit the ball at what turf to the different kinds of games that can be played, the First Tee Lexington gives you all the information. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a recreational game of 9 holes or a professional tournament of 18 holes, we have what you need.

Our journey began to help amateurs learn how to cope with the various terrains on which the course can be set. From there on we expanded to include the new gadgets that are innovated every year and the latest about all the golf tournaments. We even dive into the deep history of modern gold that is supposed to be originated in Scotland in the 15th Century. To honestly know a game one has to know where it began, we genuinely believe in this ethos.