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Nothing can match golfing on a warm sunny day! The First Tee Lexington has been imparting the latest news as well advice to golfers for a long time now. Playing golf offers plenty of health benefits that are hard to ignore. According to hardcore golf enthusiasts, this popular spot is a powerhouse of all the ingredients to be fit and healthy. This is a reason why most people tend to pick up golfing as they grow older. It gives them a chance to continue playing a sport that isn’t too strenuous and helps them relax at the same time as well.

The calories burnt during golfing will be more than enough to get you started playing this energetic game. An 18-hold game has the capacity of making you burn at least 900 calories as you walk all over the golf course. This is actually more than the number of calories you would have burnt in a n intensive gym session.  Carrying your golf bag, swinging your golf club, walking at least six mile, all of this adds up to an impressive workout that you actually enjoy.

The First Tee Lexington attempts to bring golf lovers of all ages together at one place so that they can enjoy meeting new people who are interested in the same sport. Golf has been known to forge many lifelong friendships over a golf course. So if you are interested in making new friends, pick up a golf bag and head on out to the golf course. Your social life will never be lacking again!

Another important benefit that golf offers is helping you combat stress. Life has become very strenuous these days, running after deadlines, targets, school admissions and so on.  According to recent studies more and more people are getting strokes and heart attacks due to increased stress levels. Golfing can help you forget your worries as you stand on the green grass and enjoy the fresh air. This stress- busting exercise is recommended by many doctors as it reduces blood pressure and your risk of heart diseases and diabetes. The outdoor benefits and social interaction offered by golf will make sure that you live a long and healthy life. Doctors even suggest recovering invalids to pick up golf, since it is a less strenuous exercise and help them get well again very soon.

First Tee Lexington is devoted to promoting golf among the youth to make sure that goldfish still played in the future. It is important to catch them young to have them experience the different benefits it offers. The efforts of First Tee Lexington n preserving golf has been applauded by many experts in the field. We offer many training sessions for young golfers and also hold events for young kids, so that they can try out the game for themselves.

The First Tee Lexington also offers all the information you are looking for about nearby tournaments. You can either be a part of the audience or even register your name as a competitor at one of these events. So get ready to tee off to a whole new life with golf!