All-Time Greats in The Game of Golf

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Learn from The Legends

Inspiration is not hard to find. You can get inspired from anywhere. But if you are looking for some motivational stories to get your golf game up to the mark, you are exactly where you should be. Here are some of the most prolific golfers of all time.

Stats Don’t Lie

Harry Vardon
Significant Wins: 7
Professional triumphs: 49
He was one of the three members of the Great Triumvirate alongside John Henry Taylor and James Braid. He succeeded in the Open Championship six times and continued breaking records. He is famous for his different fashion of gripping. His origins are in Normandy, France. He visited the States for matches in 1900(came first), 1913(came second) and 1920(came third) in the US Open.

Billy Casper
Significant Wins: 3
Professional Triumphs: 51
He can be regarded as a predecessor of the latter as his career graph shows his thriving years to be the 1950s to 1970s. Also, Casper holds the record for most career Ryder Cup points. He has five Vardon Trophy Awards too.

A snapshot of male golfer taking a shot.Steve Ballesteros
Significant Wins: 5
PGA Triumphs: 9
European Wins: 50
He can easily be regarded as the most well-known face of Golf from 1975 to 1995. Hitherto, he remains the most successful player in the European Tour. Self-confessedly his favorite tournament was the Ryder Cup. As a leader and a member, he has won many matches for Europe. His fame was entirely predictable when he finished second in the Open Championship at the age of 19.

Tom Watson
Significant Wins: 8
PGA Triumphs: 39
He is not the Tom Watson of The Elizabethan Age with his ‘Hekatomophea,’ but he sure has many golf trophies in his account. At the age of 59, Tom Watson won the Open Championship in Turnberry and proved that age is just a number. He played PGA and was the captain of the Ryder Cup team two-times.

Woman taking a beautiful hit shot from a golf course.

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