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Golf, as we all know, is a club and ball sports. Today’s game was started in Scotland around 500 years ago while the Chinese claim to have started it around 940 AD. It is considered to be the toughest sport. It is one of the few sports which doesn’t require muscle strength to win. The concept of the game makes it a challenging sport. Hitting the ball into the hole is not so easy. It’s not powerful swing which works the trick, but proper swinging is the one that takes the shot to the target. The players who play out there have to invest a lot of efforts and keep practicing to achieve the tag of “Golf Player”. After all It is practice that makes a man perfect.

Practicing golf regularly and correctly is essential to becoming a good golfer. Few tips and tricks can make your practice more effective.

1.Practice the Shots that are routinely used by you:  Time is limited for all. For golfers, the time they get for practice is to be used effectively and efficiently. The most common question that arises when heading out for training is “Where do I focus?”. Experts have given a definite answer for this. Your 70% of the practice session should reflect or mirror what you do in the course. Therefore, it is essential to practice the shots that you are comfortable using in a regular game.

2.Make Sure to have a practice plan: Any activity you do requires proper planning. In golf, this is a tip for using the session efficiently. Draw out a practice plan. The first part of your practice session should be to stretch and loosen up. A lot of experts stretch for nearly thirty minutes before they hit the ball. Most experts use a short club to loosen up before starting with the long clubs.

3.Find Your Target: The sport itself is highly target oriented. Ensure to practice by keeping the very fact in could be either a target green at a driving range or tree in a field, always pick smaller targets. The habit of picking targets will increase your quality of playing than merely practicing for hitting the ball. People prefer to stay in their comfort zone. Similarly, the most significant difference between the professional and amateur is the fact that experts practice what they are good at to make it better, while the beginners try to figure out what new can be practiced. Best Instructors will highlight these techniques to make you better.

4.Pay attention to your stance, posture or alignment: This is one essential aspect to be taken care of before you begin your practice. Work on your balance. The best way to find the right posture is to find the balance to stand straight, lean your upper body and flex your knees. Focus well on your stance and alignment, as the position could make a lot of difference in playing the game better. Find the right posture and keep practicing in that posture to better yourself.

Practice using the above tips to see the difference yourself.

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