What Would Be The Requirements For A Good Golf Course

Being a team of active Golf players ourselves, we started thinking what would be the factors that made a good golf course. This was actually how the idea to start our own golf course originated. Rather than joining a mediocre club, we worked on the idea of putting up our own club for the benefit of all golf lovers. Wasn’t as easy in the beginning as there was a lot of research involved. We needed to know the legal formalities to be covered, the cost estimate involved, the building infrastructure details and so much more. We also had to study the details of what would help run a successful club. There wasn’t any point in simply setting up a golf course. It had to be an efficient one with all benefits to the members.

Factors To Consider When Setting Up A Golf Course
Well maintained cart paths
Cart paths in good conditions are very important to a good golf course. It is a headache for golfers to push the carts through paths that are broken or rough. It takes the fun factor and brings in groans from the golfers. We learnt that the golfers were more interested in continuing at our place when all the facilities provided were in perfect condition. We didn’t want to add to the troubles by poorly maintained infrastructure.
Suitable terrain
A rough terrain spoils the game for the players. Rocks all over the place will interrupt the flow of the ball and make it go in unintended places. The players also get more irritated when the ball doesn’t swing the direction they intended it to go.
Well-trained staff
The staff plays a very important role in keeping the members interested in continuing their membership. A professional golf player would expect a certain level of professionalism in the club he is participating. So the staff has to be trained to be disciplined and courteous. They should know the basics of the golf course and should also be well aware of the entire track.
Disciplined members
All the members should maintain the rules and regulations. They should keep the game interesting for all. Following rules will help all the members enjoy their time at the golf course. Being part of a social club has many benefits, both physically and emotionally. So members should maintain the standards set to keep the place happy for all.
Type of grass
The type of grass used can make a world of difference to the players. Bent green grass is the best as far as our experience goes. We pay great attention to keep the fairways all smooth and chopped. Most of the professional courses have bent green grass and we decided to follow this trend after a lot of research. To be honest, this is one decision we have never regretted. Our players simple love our course pathways and the grass.
Storage facilities
The players should feel that they can keep their possessions safe and secure while they are enjoying the game. Even after they leave, they would like to store their golf equipment in proper lockers. So the storage shelves play an important role. We got some really strong stuff after browsing sites like www.donracks.co.in/, Amazon, etc.
Lots of research is always important whenever you are beginning a new venture.
www.golfdigest.com/ gave us many tips and guidance when we began this exciting adventure in the golf world.

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