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Golf, as we all know, is a club and ball sports. Today’s game was started in Scotland around 500 years ago while the Chinese claim to have started it around 940 AD. It is considered to be the toughest sport. It is one of the few sports which doesn’t require muscle strength to win. The concept of the game makes it a challenging sport. It requires strength but more than that it is the focus, tricks, and positioning that helps to do better in the game of golf. You have to be careful in choosing the right club, keeping your position balanced even to try a shot. First and foremost of all for learning this tough game you need best instructors and excellent golf courses. If the requirement of a good instructor is fulfilled, then the learning becomes quite simple. Achieving real success after all the condition being fulfilled is then from your side alone. It begins and ends by becoming a good student.

The first step to learning the golf comes from watching the game. Be regular at watching the game as this would give you insights about the tips and tricks of the game. Watching a professional player is a blessing in disguise to learn the game well.

Sign up for lessons either individually or in a group. This would be a good effort towards learning the game with fun and joy. Many golf coaches offer golf lessons, enroll yourself in the lesson and play along. This will let you discover the game well. Joining lessons will also allow you meet professional players.Schedule your sessions and try playing nine or eighteen holes with the pro. This will relax you entirely and let you play the game with more comfort in the next session.

Stretching and warm-ups are very important for this game. Stretching and loosening up at least for active thirty minutes will enable you to learn the game faster and better. The stretches are essential for any sport, similarly for golf. The mind calms completely letting you focus on the right concentration in the game. All successful players arrive early for every session to begin the warm-ups before the scheduled time.

Note all the crucial points that you learn in your sessions every time. This way you can inform the instructor of the points that you have in mind which will give an excellent clarity to proceed forward. Good students will always try to experiment and work towards improving their mistakes. This can be done by listening to the instructions carefully and following them consistently.

Practice is the key to success in every activity, and in golf, it is the continuous practice that helps in making the player better day by day. Keep a strict routine and work out a plan for every session, discuss your points with the instructor and ask him to assist you in places where you feel you are not very good. Work well with basics, even if it takes time. There is no hard and fast rule that you should get to the top immediately. Perseverance, determination, and diligence are all that is required to become a good player. Keep these three in mind before you have decided to start taking golf lessons.


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