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Golf is a one of the hardest game; It requires a lot of effort to play a good set of golf. It is only through practice a person can try to become a good player. The sport which was started in Scotland 500 years ago does not require muscle power to do the trick; it requires strength but more than that it is the focus, tricks, and positioning that helps to do better in the game of golf. You have to be careful in choosing the right club, keeping your position balanced even to try a shot. It is only with the help of Best Instructors for golf; you ‘ll be able to play the game efficiently. The pitch shot is one of the exciting shot in golf which has to be learned well by all the players. The art of mastering this requires some useful tricks, as it is both art and science. The technique to perfect it is with the application of the method learned. Therefore here you go with pitching techniques

Select the wedge: The first and foremost thing you might have to do is to ensure that you are using the right wedge. This might seem very technical for few people. However, the fact is each wedge is different from the other. The valuable lesson to keep in mind is that not all wedges are same. For a pitch shot, the ideal wedge would be a sand wedge. This particular wedge is beneficial for the pitch shot due to generous loft it provides.

Practice the clock positions: The next important aspect of golf is the playing position. The position is what determines your power for every swing. For effective and efficient pitch shots, practice the seven eight and nine o clock positions. Keep practicing these positions which will enable you to realize the best position for your shot.

Stance: The positions that were earlier mentioned were all about handling the club during the swings. Stance is the one more aspect which is the key to generating the required power for a shot. Keep your feet closer together and keep the clubhead right behind the ball before swinging, this will enable you to align carefully that you can strike the ball crisply. Bending of your hips and squaring of your shoulders is necessary before you take your shot.

Always in mind: Every shot is unique but one thing must be consistent from your side is the routine. It is the frequent or continuous practice which will let you become a good player, Therefore establish a method which is comfortable for you. Placing more weight on the front foot is essential for a good player. This could be a fundamental check, but it is ignored by many players especially the beginners. Keeping your body stable upon swinging is highly beneficial for you to take a good shot. The ideal positioning is 60 percent of the weight on your left foot (for right-handed players) and 40 percent weight on your right foot is the most recommended positioning.

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Golf, as we all know, is a club and ball sports. Today’s game was started in Scotland around 500 years […]

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Golf, as we all know, is a club and ball sports. Today’s game was started in Scotland around 500 years […]

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