How to Improve Your Putting Game?

A Man practicing golf on a sunny day.

Putting is one of the most critical parts of Golf. Sadly, many amateurs don’t give it due importance. However, you must give it the importance that it rightly deserves. The tricks and drills listed in this article will help you in your quest.

Use the Best Methods

If it was easy everyone would have been able to do it. Golf might appear relaxed and slow to the eyes of the spectators but it requires tremendous fitness all around. You need to have a suitable degree of confidence alongside a fit body to handle strenuous weeks in lengthy tournaments.

Watch videos
If you watch match videos of reputed golfers, you will understand the things they do right. You will find it relatively easy to identify those areas of your putting technique where improvement will be needed. All amateurs can’t afford a video analyst. So, initially you’ll have to do it yourself.

You should understand that you can’t be casual in your approach. Merely watching videos like a spectator isn’t going to help. You need to watch for the purpose of improving your game.

Manilla Folder Drill is Brilliant

Image showing a man practicing golf from his home.If controlling the pace of your putts is your priority, this drill is made for you. A smooth area of any course along with a Manilla folder are the primary requirements for executing this practice session.

Budding players must attempt to learn from the greats of the game. If you want to continue excelling, then you should find out the practice drills used by successful professional golfers. Using internet research can be helpful here.

Not all the tricks used by them will be beneficial for you. So, you must ensure the extent to which they suit you. Improving your mental focus is also a critical part of bettering your putting. So, don’t underestimate this aspect if you want decent results.

Golfer practicing and concentrating before and after shot during a sunny day

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