Play the Game of Golf – Health Benefits!

Golfer practicing and concentrating before and after shot during a sunny day

The Health Wonders Of Golf As Explained By Anderson Diagnostics

Around the world, the gentleman’s game is considered a leisure sport. People believe that golf doesn’t offer much when it comes to paybacks to health. Yet, you will be surprised to find that the popular game played in a course that can range from 30 to 200 acres is full of advantages. While you are propelling a small white ball across grassy and sandy slopes into tiny holes, you are building a lot of strength and stamina!

The research team at Anderson Diagnostics explains some of the significant merits to health when it comes to playing golf.

Mini Golf yellow ball with a bat placed on the floor• The most obvious pro is burning calories. When you walk across a 200-acre course, you burn a lot of calories. If a player doesn’t utilise the golf cart, in one game, they can walk anywhere between 5 to 7 km. To up your fitness game, you can try carrying your own clubs. They are really heavy and act similar to dumbbells during an exercise routine. All in all, a golf player can reduce 1000 calories in a single game.
• The second merit of golf is subtle. It improves vision because the player has to keep an eye on a small white ball which at times can be yards away. With the constant hand-eye coordination and the necessity to hone in on minuscule targets even when they are at a distance, the vision enhances.

3 More Fitness Benefits Of Playing Golf

• Golf is played entirely outdoors. When you are exposed to the sun, the light, the grass, and other elements of nature, it:
o Relaxes the body
o Reduces stress
o Alleviates anxiety
o Allows the body to soak up vitamin D
Combines, they improve the mind and the body by reducing the chances of depression, specific types of cancer, and heart conditions.
• Women golfers have found that the game strengthens the leg muscles. The quadriceps of the leg are built over time thanks to many crouching manoeuvres the game requires.
• The constant walking, swinging of clubs and carrying the clubs keeps the heart rate up. The increased blood flow ensures that the risk of heart ailments is decreased. Moreover, the constant exercise of the heart reduces bad cholesterol.

How To Prevent Golfing Injuries

Yes, golf is a leisure sport when seen in comparison with other games. It only signifies that the probability of injury is low and not nil. So, while you are playing the game and getting all the goodness out of it, keep an eye out for injuries. Overuse, wrong technique and missing the ball and hitting the ground can all cause damage. More info about preventing injuries while playing sports. Areas where golf can cause harm are:

• lower back
• wrist
• elbow
• head
• eye

To prevent golf injuries, keep these rules in mind:

• Always stretch before playing to warm the body. The back, arms, and shoulders should be worked upon usingHow To Prevent Golfing Injuries mobility exercises. Incorporate gentle movement like air swings using the short iron from your bag.
• Always keep a distance of 4 clubs from a player who is swinging a club.
• If you are playing in a group or with someone else, stand behind them while they swing.
• Perfect your technique through lessons. Bad playing causes damage to the body.
• From shoes to gloves to clothing, wear excellent and proper gear.
• Constantly drink water. Both during and after the game.
• If you are playing summer, utilise reliable UV sun protection.
• The clubs are heavy. Lift and carry them carefully. When possible, use a buggy.
• If you are injured, pause the play and get it checked immediately. First aid is essential, even if the hurt is minor and easily resolvable.
• If the heat is too much, decide if it is okay to carry on the game. Choose either late evening and early morning during the hottest time of the year.
Lastly, know the etiquette of the game to avoid injuring another player.

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