Links Golf- A Different Ball Game

Image Showing A Countryside Golf Course.

How To Rate Link Golfers?

Yes, Golf is a complicated sport, and many people don’t understand it very well. However, it has a substantial fan following, and the culture of the game is phenomenal in every way. It is a gentleman’s game if ever there was one. The stories surrounding legends like Tiger Woods in their personal life must be kept aside. After all, players should be judged based on their on-field performances and not their conduct in their personal lives.

Link Golf Isn’t A Distant Cousin

People who don’t know much about the game think that link Golf is a different format of the game. Some will tell you that it has a different set of rules. The reality is that Link Golf tournaments can be classified as such based on the courses on which they are played. The rules are the same, but the competition is held in coastal areas. Most of such events are conducted in the British Isles.

Aerial View of Golf Ground.Regular versus Link
Well, most professional golfers don’t take substantial interest in Link Golf tourneys because of the relatively low price money. But exceptions are always there. Read on to find out more about players who contributed to bridging the gap between these courses.

Rickie Fowler
He is among the few players with a substantial number of appearances in Link Golf tournaments. His average performances ensure that all experts will rate him as one of the best in the business as far as Link Golf is concerned.

Rory McElroy
He is one of the youngest achievers in the modern generation. He has proven his skills and mettle not only in Link Golf but also one PGA as well as European tours. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him one of the best golfers in history.

Image of Golf Clubs, Balls and Cloves In Grass.

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